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User-generated video in recruiting

Woman using her kick-bike in an office, employer-generated content (EGC)

When competing for the best talent, one great way for employers to stand out with their job ad is to include user-generated video (UGV) – or employer-generated video (EGV).

In the eyes of a potential job candidate, a video featuring the hiring manager and some colleagues can make the job posting feel much more compelling. Apart from showing some of the working environment, a video can literally put a human face on the job posting and explain the role in simple, personal terms.

For younger audiences, such as recent graduates, user- or employee-generated video may be particularly powerful. For this audience, it's a good idea to engage younger employees in the video creation, using a tone of voice that hits home – of course without being unprofessional or going off employer brand. Most employers want to hit a balance between showing actual work and company culture.

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