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Boost engagement with user-generated content

Reeler lets brands employ the power of UGC at scale – to build trust, boost engagement, and drive sales. Marketers can handle the entire campaign workflow, from content collection to publishing in any marketing channel.

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Trusted by leading brands

Why Reeler?

More content, for free

Reeler makes it easy to collect and showcase amazing content from your end-users. Stop wasting time on UGC admin, and instead focus on scaling up brand communication that builds trust, boosts engagement, and drives sales.

User-generated content (UGC) in travel and food insdustries
Why reeler
User-generated content (UGC) in the travel, food abd content industries
Why UGC?

92% more trust in UGC

Showcase your most valuable brand asset – your customers – and put them at the center of your marketing. 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than any other marketing content.

Customer stories

Reeler is proud to work with some of Europe's most innovative companies
in digital content marketing.

Radinn; user-generated content in the sporting goods industry

Radinn increased engagement in social channels

Radinn created a portal for brand fans to collect photos & videos for their social channels, boosting engagement by 30%.

Bokus Akademibokhandeln; UGC in the consumer goods retail industry

Bokus Group customers produce YouTube content

Sweden’s biggest bookseller invited their customers to co-create videos for their YouTube channel, boosting end-user engagement and slashing film production costs.

UGC in the pet goods and pet foods insustry; dog food.

Tree Of Pets manage UGC for 15 brands

Tree Of Pets collects, tracks, and publishes social media content for 15 different pet food brands in one simple interface. What do you say? Woof!

Handle the entire UGC workflow
in one simple online interface






Collect content

by hashtags, email, or landing page forms

Review & select

content collaboratively

Crop & reformat

for various marketing channels

Organize & store

in your UGC media library

Publish UGC

in social media and embeddable website galleries

UGC platform; user-generated content platform / UGC system

At Radinn we've been using Reeler for almost a year and are super happy. If you want to easily collect and publish UGC, Reeler is a game changer.


Truls Rosén, Head of Brand Experience at Radinn

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