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Careers at Reeler

Join our friendly and dynamic team, working from a hip co-working space in Söder in central Stockholm – a great place to ​network in the media startup world. ​


To see our current open positions, click on the button below to visit our careers portal. 

Working at Reeler

At Reeler we value innovation, collaboration, diversity, and an international outlook

– and of course our office dogs. 

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Nicia's internship video story
Small and friendly team
Office dogs

During her internship at Reeler, Nicia spearheaded a collaboration campaign between Reeler and Jobbsprånget, that engaged interns all over Sweden.

In this video story, Nicia sums up her own internship experience at Reeler with:

  • Office perks

  • Dogs

  • Awesome colleagues

We are small and friendly team, where everybody collaborates to offer a great service to our customers. 

Our offices are located in a centrally located co-working space, which makes it easy to meet and network with exciting people from other Stockholm startups. 

At Reeler we welcome dogs at the office. Currently, there's Penny and Maurice – but more dogs are welcome. 

Meet our founders

Listen to our founders' story about why they founded Reeler – and what a flying start they got off to.