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About us

With over 10 years of experience in user-generated content (UGC) marketing, we lacked a good platform that can handle the most engaging media formats – including audio and video. So we built Reeler. Sign up for more information and a free demo & trial.

Meet our founders

Listen to our founders on why they founded Reeler – and what a flying start they got off to.

Customer stories

Reeler is proud to work with some of Europe's most innovative companies
in digital content marketing.

Radinn ugc.png
Radinn increased engagement in social channels

Learn how Radinn created a portal for brand fans to collect photos & videos for their social channels, boosting engagement by 30%.

Bokus board game.png
Bokus Group customers produce YouTube content

Sweden’s biggest bookseller invited their customers to co-create videos for their YouTube channel, boosting end-user engagement and slashing film production costs.

ToP 123smile.png
Tree Of Pets manage UGC for 15 brands

Tree Of Pets collects, tracks, and publishes social media content for 15 different pet food brands in one simple interface. What do you say? Woof!

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