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Young couple producing UGC in front of their camping tent

UGC in sporting goods marketing

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming increasingly essential in consumer marketing, and especially for outdoor products and sporting goods. UGC is a powerful tool for activating your brand community and sourcing authentic and engaging content – filled with action. Most importantly, UGC inspires potential customers to start planning their purchases!

Learn more about UGC in the sporting goods industry

Explore our collection of blog articles and videos demonstrating the power of user-generated content (UGC) in sporting goods marketing. Discover cutting-edge insights, effective strategies, and real-world campaign examples to enhance your content marketing plans.

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Presentation slide from the seminar on "UGC in teh sporting goods industry"
UGC in consumer marketing (online seminar recording)

Learn more about the authenticity megatrend, its impact on consumer marketing, various forms of creator content, and the major benefits and challenges of utilizing UGC in marketing.


If you missed our recent online seminar on UGC in consumer marketing, you can instead watch the video recording. Simply use the green box to register and access the video.

Group of snowboarder friends taking a selfie to create UGC for a sporting goods brand
User-generated content (UGC) in sporting goods marketing: The power of authenticity

UGC is transforming the way sporting goods brands engage with their customers, showcasing real experiences, building trust, and driving unparalleled engagement. In this blog article we explore the key benefits of UGC and how it reshapes the marketing landscape for sporting goods.

Read the article on our blog, All things user-generated content (UGC).

Young woman in sunglasses producing UGC for a sporting goods maker
UGC marketing of consumer goods: From customers to community

In this blog article, we explore the benefits of UGC marketing in the consumer goods sector. The article explains how marketing leaders have leveraged UGC to amplify their reach, foster community, and drive sales, with insights applicable to any consumer sector including sporting goods.

Read the blog article.

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