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Radinn increased engagement on their social channels by 30% 

Learn how the world’s leading electric jetboard company boosted engagement across all of their social platforms and reduced production costs by setting up a portal for their brand community to share user-generated photos & videos.

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UGC boosts engagement in social media

The challenge

Radinn embodies the next-generation of water sports. Their fully-electric jetboards are sold across the world – and they’ve got the global presence to prove it – but they didn’t have a way to easily tap into their dedicated community of Radinn riders, who love to share the exciting experiences they're having. Radinn wanted to perform better with their content marketing by: 

  • Increasing their social media engagement

  • Producing more content from around the world without increasing production budgets 


To solve these challenges, Radinn turned to Reeler.

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At Radinn we've been using Reeler for almost a year and are super happy. If you want to easily collect and publish UGC, Reeler is a game changer.

Truls Rosén from Radinn, who use the Reeler UGC platform

Truls Rosén, Head of Brand Experience at Radinn

Radinn website using UGC


Radinn implemented the Reeler platform, to streamline and scale up their UGC workflow. They set up a brand ambassador portal in the form of a landing page – with a custom upload form created in Reeler – to collect content from their dedicated fan base. This is a great way to collect heavy video files and big numbers of content files from content-producing customers and distributors.


Radinn also asked customers to share content via Instagram, using specific content sharing hashtags. The response has been enormous – Radinn can now smoothly collect, review, and publish user-generated content from various sources from Reeler’s browser-based interface.

Result: 30% higher engagement

Radinn managed to increase engagement in social media – in the form of views, likes, and comments – by 30% when posting user-generated content alongside their professionally produced content. They also managed to ten-fold their content output, and add countless new film locations around the world, without increasing their production budgets at all.


Despite this big increase in content output, Radinn has avoided getting caught up in admin; by handling the entire UGC workflow in Reeler’s online interface, the company saves 1-2 hours of admin work per day. This time Radinn’s marketers can instead spend on actual marketing communication.

Now, Radinn get great content to use on their pages, and their customers get the exciting chance to be featured — a win-win.

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Customer stories

Reeler is proud to work with some of Europe's most innovative companies
in digital content marketing.

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Radinn increased engagement in social channels

Learn how Radinn created a portal for brand fans to collect photos & videos for their social channels, boosting engagement by 30%.

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