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Leverage your greatest asset: Drive business success with employee-generated content (EGC)

Employees are the greatest asset of any organization, bringing their unique talents, perspectives, and expertise to the table. Recognizing the immense value they hold, companies are harnessing the power of employee-generated content (EGC) to drive business success.

Creating employee-generated content (UGC) for recruiting

EGC, which includes authentic videos, photos, and other multimedia created by employees, has emerged as a transformative tool for organizations to tap into their workforce's collective knowledge and creativity. In today's blog post, we will explore how companies can leverage their greatest asset through EGC to propel business growth, engage audiences, and foster a thriving organizational culture.

1. Internal communication and collaboration

EGC enhances internal communication by encouraging employees to capture and share videos or photos that showcase teamwork, culture, and work-life balance. General Electric (GE) launched the internal platform GE Colab where employees contribute articles, videos, photos, and other multimedia content, fostering cross-team collaboration and a culture of continuous learning.

2. Marketing and brand advocacy

EGC provides companies with a vast pool of user-generated content for marketing campaigns. Adobe Systems' Adobe Life blog features employee contributions, while Microsoft's Humans of Microsoft campaign showcases employee stories, photos, and videos, humanizing the company and promoting its diversity.

3. Employer branding

EGC shapes and strengthens the employer brand by showcasing the authentic experiences and perspectives of employees. Starbucks ran several Partner Perspectives campaigns where they invited employees to share their stories and experiences, highlighting their journeys and career growth.

4. Recruiting

EGC attracts top talent by sharing authentic employee stories and testimonials. Adidas' GamePlan A campaign utilized videos, photos, and testimonials from current employees in job ads, providing an authentic and personalized perspective on the company culture and attracting candidates inspired by genuine employee experiences.

Staff producing employee-generated content (UGC) for employer branding

Embracing employee-generated content (EGC)

Leveraging your greatest asset, your employees, is a strategic move to drive business success. By embracing employee-generated content (EGC), companies can tap into the authentic experiences, expertise, and passion of their workforce. EGC amplifies the voice of employees, fosters engagement, and builds trust with customers, stakeholders, and potential talent.

It's time for organizations to unlock the full potential of their operations by harnessing the power of EGC. By leveraging their greatest asset, companies can magnify the authentic experiences, expertise, and passion of their workforce. EGC will cultivate engagement and establish trust with customers, stakeholders, and potential talent, ultimately driving organizational growth and achievement.

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