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Summer vibes and UGC: your products in their best light

Girl with a watermelon producing UGC during summer

For consumer brands leveraging user-generated content (UGC) as a core part of their marketing strategy, the summer months offer a unique opportunity to showcase products in their most compelling light. Summer may be the ideal time to capitalize on UGC in your marketing strategy. Read on to learn five reasons why you should collect content from your customers during their summer holidays:

1. Ideal conditions for content production

During summer, extended daylight hours and vibrant natural settings create optimal conditions for capturing compelling visual content. People feel sun-kissed and relaxed, making the most of summer weather and the extended "golden hour" for photography to capture engaging moments.

2. Activities that engage

When people are out and about, they produce more dynamic and visually appealing content. Instead of static indoor settings, they're captured engaging in summery activities such as hiking in the mountains, playing on the beach, or enjoying recreational activities. This contextual backdrop enhances the appeal and authenticity of showcasing your products in summery environments.

3. Smartphone cameras always at hand

During summer, smartphones aren't just for browsing—they become tools for content creation. During summer holidays, 47% (!) of smartphone activity is spent taking photos and videos, showcasing how widely people use their high-quality phone cameras to capture moments instantly.

4. The rise of holiday selfies

A British study reveals that the average adult takes 14 (!) selfies per day while on holiday, and uploads seven images weekly to social media. This underscores how summer becomes a peak time for consumers to generate and share content, including showcasing products in lifestyle settings.

5. Industry-specific opportunities

The travel and hospitality industries thrive in summer, with picturesque beach scenes and cultural excursions creating memorable settings for UGC. Many other product categories also benefit from being showcased in summery environments, including outdoor goods, gardening tools, home improvement supplies, pet accessories, and fashion products. However, industries focused on indoor activities or B2B products may encounter challenges in leveraging UGC during the summer holidays.

Two young people snorkelling and producing UGC during summer

UGC during summer – conclusion

As summer unfolds, consumer brands have a golden opportunity to collect UGC from their customers that engages and amplifies brand storytelling. By understanding consumer behavior during the summer, brands will effectively showcase their products in their best light.

Statistics source: Virgin Media O2 / OnePoll (2022). "Holiday Show-Offs: Average Adult Takes 14 Selfies a Day on Holiday."

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