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Leverage the power of community – on YouTube and elsewhere

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

When YouTube lists the top 3 consumer trends for 2023, their top advice is to leverage the power of communities.

Leverage your brand community to work with UGC

YouTube has analyzed the content strategies that worked best the past year, to help define the top 3 consumer trends for 2023. And at the top of the list is leveraging the power of communities. For a brand that has a strong following, this could be done by putting the brand community at the center of marketing. Invite customers to be part of the brand story by co-creating marketing content – user-generated content (UGC), that strengthens and amplifies the message. It could even mean co-creating products with customers. YouTube has a slightly different view on communities; they recommend brands to look at YouTubers' communities that overlap with the brand's customer base, to find marketing collabs that work (read the whole YouTube article here). Just don't forget the option to nurture your own brand community – of actual customers – directly!

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