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The 4W of user-generated content

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Students producing UGC; the 4W of user-generated content (UGC)

Any marketer employing user-generated content strategies will need to consider the classic 4W: the Who, What, When and Where. A recent article by Kemal Cem Soylemez, published in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, shows how brands should adjust their online brand community (OBC) strategies based on the personality traits of their members.

Soylemez has previously shown that users create UGC for two different target audiences: for the brand itself and for other users in the community. In the new article he shows that users' personalities define which of these targets they focus more on. It turns out that conscientious, extroverted and neurotic community members generate more brand-oriented content than community-oriented content.

So if your customers are neurotic and extroverted, count on getting lots of useful feedback from your online brand community!

Soylemez' article is available at Emerald Insight

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